Having a pet run away or (even worse) get stolen is a stressful and heartbreaking experience. What most people don't know, however, is that there are options outside of simply posting flyers around the neighborhood. 

Increasingly, owners of lost pets are turning to private investigators. Investigators in Trustify’s network have successfully handled numerous lost pet cases. We understand the unbreakable bond between pets and their owners and treat missing pet cases with the attention, immediacy, and detail they deserve.

What is a Lost or Stolen Pet Investigation About?

The goal is to locate and return pets to their owners as quickly as possible. Our investigators employ a number of tried and true techniques to help recover a missing pet. The specific methods used will be tailored and dependant on the particular circumstances of each case. In all missing pet cases, time is of the essence, which is why the investigator will quickly begin work.

Who are Missing Pet Investigations For?

Nearly all missing pet investigations are initiated by the animal’s owners. In some cases investigators are hired by businesses (like kennels or groomers) that were in possession of the pet at the time it was lost. Any domesticated animal can be the subject of a missing pet investigation (dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc.)

Starting a Missing Pet Investigation

Getting an investigation started as soon as possible increases the chances of success. Starting a missing pet investigation with Trustify is simple and stress free. Here’s how it works:

1. Request a Consultation: Submit your case online or by phone to schedule your consultation. We'll ask for the details we need to get your case matched with an investigator and provide cost estimates.

2. Consulation with a Private Investigator:  A licensed private investigator will contact you to talk to you about the purpose and goals of the investigation, and to collect any relevant information about your case. You’ll be asked to provide any and all information you have regarding the missing pet (microchip ID, pictures, etc), as well as answer several important questions like:

  • What is your pet’s name, breed, height, weight, gender, etc.?
  • Does your pet have any distinguishing physical markings or characteristics?
  • When and where did you last see your pet?
  • Has your pet ever gone missing before? If so, how were you able to recover it?
  • Does your pet have any objective monetary value that might make it the target of thieves? Is it a rare, exotic or pure-bred animal?
  • Do you have any reason to believe that someone in particular might want to harm or steal your pet? If so, who?
  • Have you filed a police report? What other actions have you taken to find your missing pet?

3. Investigation in Progress: Methods typically employed by investigators in missing pet cases can include:

  • Contacting all local shelters, kennels, veterinarians, pet hospitals, and animal services organizations.
  • Checking all missing pet websites and databases.
  • Physical searches.
  • “Last seen” location searches (with evidence collection: blood, urine, fur, DNA, etc.).
  • Tracking microchip reports.
  • Use of surveillance and detection equipment (ex: motion-based trail cams).
  • Criminal activity investigation (local animal black market, illegal testing facilities, dog fighting rings, etc.).

4. Case Updates & Final Report: Investigators in Trustify’s network will keep you apprised of all developments in real-time. Upon the conclusion of the investigation, a full written report will be provided along with any court-admissible evidence. In addition, your private investigator may be available to testify on your behalf in court, if necessary and agreed-upon before the start of the investigation.

What Investigators Will Not Do

Investigators strictly adhere to all applicable laws and regulations of their jurisdiction as well as all professional ethics standards. For example, investigators will not illegally enter someone’s private property to retrieve a pet. Instead, we will contact the property owner and/or local law enforcement to get access to the property.

Hire a Private Investigator On Demand, Nationwide

Trustify makes hiring a private investigator easy. We'll find you the best, most qualified private investigator for your needs and help you manage your case from start to finish.