Two of the most common types of cases that private investigators encounter involve persons searching for their birth parents and parents searching for children that they placed for adoption. Trustify’s network of private investigators has successfully handled hundreds of such cases, often ending with families meeting for the first time since placement.

Searching for birth parents or a birth child is extremely difficult without the help of professional private investigators due to the complexities of adoption laws and regulatory hurdles protecting birth parents and birth children.  Hiring a professional private investigator who specializes in birth child or birth parent location can greatly increase the chances of successful location and get the results needed much more quickly than without.

If the decision to find a birth child or parent has been made, a private investigator from Trustify’s network can help locate the person or persons and collect as much information as is legally allowed by the state. The private investigator can additionally help in arranging a meeting with the birth child and birth parent(s), if both parties agree to make contact.

What is a Birth Child or Birth Parent Locate Investigation?

Birth-child or adopted child location investigations are those in which one or both biological parents are searching for a child that was placed for adoption, typically at the time of birth.

Birth-parent locate investigations are those in which a child that was placed for adoption at an early age is searching for one or both of their biological parents.

A licensed and experienced private investigator will have a greater chance of navigating procedural roadblocks and have access to a variety of useful databases and additional resources such as:

  • Adoption registries
  • Child Protective Services records
  • Foster Care records
  • Hospital and other medical facilities records
  • International resources
  • Police and court records
  • Private adoption agency records
  • Welfare records
  • Catholic Social Services and other religious-related agencies

At the conclusion of a birth-parent or birth-child locate investigation, if the person of interest is located, the private investigator will often serve as an intermediary to help establish contact between both parties, once the person(s) being sought grants permission for their information to be shared with the client.  

Who Initiates Birth Child and Birth Parent Locate Investigations?

In the vast majority of cases, birth child and birth parent investigations are initiated by the biological parent(s) or child. However, others – such as biological siblings, grandparents, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles – may also seek out the services of a private investigator to locate close relatives separated by adoption.  

Starting a Birth Child or Birth Parent Locate Investigation

1. Request a Consultation: The first step in any birth-child or birth-parent locate investigation is to submit your case online or by phone to schedule your consultation. We'll ask for the details we need to get your case matched with an investigator and provide cost estimates.

2. Consult With a Private Investigator: After that, you will be connected with your licensed and experienced private investigator.  You should be prepared to answer in detail any questions about yourself and share as much as you know about the person you are trying to locate, including but not limited to:

  • What is your relationship to the search subject(s)?
  • What information, if any, do you have concerning the birth of the child involved? Date of birth, place of birth (city, county, location such as hospital, etc.) Are you in possession of any documents regarding the birth?
  • What information, if any, do you have concerning the adoption of the child involved? Are you in possession of any documents regarding the adoption?
  • Are there any biological siblings or other close relatives that you are aware of? If so, what are their names, ages, genders, addresses, etc.?
  • Would you be willing to submit a DNA sample to confirm your relationship to the search subject(s)?
  • Are you interested in contacting or meeting with the subject(s) of your search, or are you just interested in locating and collecting information on the subject(s)?

3. Investigation in Progress: Once you have granted the investigator permission to begin your case, the investigator will go through all their available data sources in search of any record of the adoption and the persons involved.  Depending on details and methods of the specific adoption, such as date, location and parties involved, the length  of the investigation could take months.  Most of this time is spent waiting for requests for information from various entities to be processed, while the amount of actual time worked by the investigator is just a fraction of that.

4. Case Updates & Final Report: At the conclusion of the investigation, your investigator will provide a detailed report summarizing their effort and findings. Sometimes the results of a birth-child or birth-parent locate investigation are definite and conclusive where the parties are still living and the investigator can actually help them get in contact with each other. Unfortunately, some investigations do not end with such desired outcomes either because the nature of the adoption make the investigation very difficult, or if the person(s) being located have deceased.  In many cases, the investigator may actually find next of kin, and many birth-children have been reunited with the families of their birth-parents.

In addition, your private investigator may be available to testify on your behalf in a court of law, if necessary and agreed-upon before the start of the investigation.

What Investigators Will Not Do

The private investigators in the Trustify network are bound to follow the law and the ethical standards of their profession. Therefore, private investigators will not access documentation protected by federal or state statute. You can be sure that your investigator will pursue all public and otherwise legally obtainable records available regarding your locate investigation.

Your investigator is also bound by state laws regarding location investigations. For example, the person of interest may need to grant the investigator permission for the investigator to share their contact information with the client.  If the person being located does not grant the investigator permission to share their information with the client, then the investigator has a duty to protect their identity.

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