The vast majority of vehicle accidents are minor and end up being not much more than a hassle. Some accidents, however, are much more serious. Documenting an accident scene as carefully as possible is important as the results of the accident can be life-altering.

Unfortunately, in many communities the police will only show up at an accident scene to take a report if personal injuries are reported. Even then, police investigations are often cursory in nature, leaving the victims responsible for documenting accident details. That’s why victims of a vehicle accident should always consider a comprehensive accident reconstruction investigation available through Trustify’s network of experienced private investigators.

What is an Accident Reconstruction Investigation?

Accident reconstruction involves the use of scientific methods and processes to evaluate evidence from an accident scene and determine how the accident occurred.

It’s crucial to start an accident reconstruction investigation as soon as possible after an accident. Accident reconstruction involves a wide range of disciplines, including mathematics, physics, engineering, psychology, anatomy, toxicology, and criminology. It’s for these reasons that it’s important that accident reconstruction investigations are conducted by experienced professionals.

The goals of an accident reconstruction investigation include:

  • Determining exactly how the accident occurred and the actions and processes involved resulting in the accident.
  • Determining who bears liability. Parties to an accident are normally worked up and emotional immediately following the accident, and may be unable to objectively determine if they bear any responsibility. An accident reconstruction investigation will determine not only the cause of the accident, but also who is at fault.
  • Collecting all available evidence. An important factor in any accident reconstruction case is to collect evidence that can be admitted in a court of law or other legal proceeding, or accepted by insurers.

Most accident reconstruction investigations involve automobile collisions, but they can also involve trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, boats – or even trains and airplanes.

Who initiates an Accident Reconstruction Investigation?

In most cases, accident reconstruction investigations are initiated by parties directly involved in the accident (drivers, passengers), or their insurers or attorneys. Bystanders with potential claims for damages (physical injury or property damage) may also seek the help of accident reconstruction experts.

Starting an  Accident Reconstruction Investigation

Hiring a private investigator for an accident reconstruction investigation through trustify is simple and fast. There are four basic steps to a starting an accident reconstruction investigation:

1. Request a Consultation: Submit your case online or by phone to schedule your consultation. We'll ask for the details we need to get your case matched with an investigator and give you a cost estimate.

2. Get a Consultation with a Private Investigator: Next, you’ll be contacted by a private investigator to discuss the details of your case, including your goals and expectations for the investigation. You’ll also be asked to answer a number of important questions, including:

  • What is your connection to the accident? Were you a driver, passenger, or bystander? Are you an insurance agent or adjuster? Are you an attorney representing a party to the accident?
  • What types of vehicles were involved in the accident (auto, boat, motorcycle, etc.)? When and where did the accident take place?
  • Did the accident result in any physical injuries?
  • Were the police called to the accident scene? If so, was an investigation conducted? Was a police report filed by any of the parties?
  • Has anyone been cited or charged with a criminal violation (such as a DUI) in connection with the accident?
  • Were there any witnesses to the accident? If so, do you have their names and contact information?
  • Did you or anyone else take photographs of the accident scene?
  • Are you currently involved in a lawsuit or other legal proceeding in connection with the accident? Have you or anyone else involved in the accident sought or retained legal counsel?

3. Investigation in Progress: With your approval, your investigator will begin the accident reconstruction investigation with the development of a general accident scenario. This involves activities like:

  • Visiting the scene to collect evidence, take photographs, video,  and measurements etc.
  • Interviewing all parties and witnesses.
  • Examining the vehicles involved.
  • Analyzing all the evidence using computer analysis and modeling, vehicular analysis, biomechanics, environmental analysis, and more.

4. Investigation Updates and Final Report:  Your private investigator will keep you informed of any and all important developments throughout the course of your investigation, You’ll also be provided with a final detailed written report summarizing all findings once the investigation is completed. In addition, your private investigator may be available to testify in court if necessary and agreed upon at the beginning of the investigation.

What Will Not Be Included in an Accident Reconstruction Investigation.

The private investigators in the Trustify network are bound to follow the law and the ethics standards of their profession. Investigators, or any member of the accident reconstruction team will not falsify evidence or offer misleading opinions on the client’s behalf in any written report or oral testimony. However, investigators will provide an honest and accurate analysis of all evidence relevant to the case.  You should discuss the exact details of an investigation with your private investigator.

Get a Consultation and Hire a Top Private Investigator

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