General Private Investigator Services Feedback

Greg was above expectation!! It felt like I was speaking with someone I had known for a lifetime, as if he was a personal friend. It made me feel so comfortable and at ease. They are very trustworthy. This is the first time I have ever used a service like this and it was above and beyond my expectations. I can’t say enough positive things. I will surely use your services again if I need to and recommend your service highly.
- Marci L

Thank you the regular contact concerning the status of the investigation. I like the confidential email option.
- S.B., Maryland

I was happy with the investigator and service, and will be using you all on another case.
- Richard G, North Carolina 

Trustify is a very satisfying service that, in my opinion, is a tremendous value. Thank you Trustify.
- Greg F, California

They kept me informed during the case, allowing me to make an informed decision.
- Jesse T, Colorado

Custody Related Services

I didn’t trust my ex at the end of our marriage and I didn’t trust him with the kids. My suspicions that he wasn’t being a good dad were confirmed with the help of my Trustify investigator. He was great. The pictures he took were enough proof to get the custody agreement amended and now I know my kids are in safe hands.
- Janine K, Washington, DC

Babysitter or Nanny Check Services

My Trustify investigator gave me the peace of mind that my kids were in good hands with my nanny. You never know who to trust these days, but now I know I can trust her. It was worth every penny.
- Laura D, Virginia

I would have paid a lot more than I did to know that my nanny had a criminal record BEFORE I hired her. Thanks, Trustify!
- Sarah M, New York

Online Dating Related Services

Thank you! I got the evidence I needed to confirm my suspicions about the person I met through an online dating site. Catastrophe avoided!
- Mark S, Bethesda, MD

Business Partner Related Services 

I didn’t realize how much an investigator could dig up about a potential business partner in two hours. I am so glad I learned about his former shady dealings…  BEFORE I signed our contract.
- Stephen W, Washington, DC

Infidelity Related Services 

The gut feeling I had about my new boyfriend just wouldn’t go away. He didn’t seem to be telling me something, and I was right. He was married! In just a single day my investigator was able to get the details I had been trying to figure out for almost a month.
- Paige L, Arlington, VA

Person Location Services

My heart sank when I realized my mother (76 years old) was missing. I called the police, but I felt really helpless when they said they’d said they’d “do what they could”. So I booked a private investigator through Trustify and within a few hours we found her. I was so relieved to know she was safe!
- Megan M, Washington, DC

When my amazing PI, Brian, told me they found my deadbeat client, I was so relieved. Since she couldn’t hide anymore, I was able to get her served, get her to court, and get the money she owed me. Thanks, Trustify!
- Jennifer B, Washington, DC

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