Update To Our Privacy Policy

Effective Dec. 12, 2015 and onwards, the new Trustify Privacy Policy will go into effect. You can read the new Privacy Policy on our site. You can access the policy anytime from Trustify by clicking on the privacy link on the footer on the site.

Our longstanding commitment to privacy has not changed. We remain committed to protecting your personal information and being clear about how we use it. Below is a brief summary of the material change to the policy:

In the previous policy we stated that as a client of Trustify, all communication between you and your investigator would be anonymous; however, we have adjusted this policy to ensure that investigators can vett potential customers and to protect of all parties involved in a case. Contact us if you have questions or concerns.

Again, this change will take effect on Dec 12, 2015. Please read the new Trustify Privacy Policy. By using our site or app after December 12, 2015, you are agreeing to the new Privacy Policy.

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