Founder's Story

Danny Boice grew up without the anchors of truth, trust, and safety that are essential to a healthy upbringing. As an adult, Danny found himself neck-deep in an unhealthy first marriage, a rocky second start-up, and his own undiagnosed mental illnesses.

Jennifer Mellon grew up in south New Jersey, a straight-A student who played rigorous games of soccer and plotted how to address the adoption crisis in 1990s China. After school, she came to serve as the youngest-ever Executive Director of the Joint Council on International Children’s Services (JCICS), the oldest child-welfare association in the U.S. There, she fought for legislation aimed at protecting children from exploitation and human trafficking.

At first glance, Jen and Danny’s seemingly polar-opposite personalities and lives didn’t seem destined to cross paths, but God had other plans.

As experienced entrepreneurs with four startups between them, Jen and Danny launched Trustify to revolutionize an often misunderstood industry and to empower people to use technology to find a highly-vetted private investigator who is uniquely matched to their challenging situation. Most importantly, they sought to ensure that their customers are never alone in the truth they are seeking.

Today, their marriage and business provide living proof that the journey to trust can rehabilitate even the most grievous situations. Through the power of love and grace, Danny has healed personal traumas and reconciled relationships that seemed beyond repair for decades, and Jen has developed a sense of faith and compassion that is even deeper than what she thought was possible growing up. By joining forces, Jen and Danny have broken new ground in their mission to support vulnerable populations at a scale that would not have been possible had they been working alone.

And From There, Trustify Was Born...

Trustify is the first technology platform to connect clients across the United States to the only nationwide network of highly trained, vetted private investigators. We provide affordable, confidential, on-demand access to experienced professionals - without the typical large retainer charged by most traditional private investigation agencies. Our technology provides transparency during the investigation, powering a direct connection between client and investigator. The result of this real-time communication? Cases that are solved quickly, efficiently, and much more affordably.

We are grounded in our

Values and Beliefs

Trustify is on a mission to bring truth, trust and safety to everyone by making intelligence agents and private investigators more accessible, affordable and transparent. People and organizations who feel unsafe, threatened or defrauded, and need an honest, reliable ally, consistently depend on Trustify in their search for the truth.

  • Value No.
    Access for the 99%

    Trustify is breaking down walls in a 1%er-white-male-dominated industry.

  • Value No.
    Double Bottom Line

    We firmly believe that doing good is good for business.

  • Value No.

    At Trustify, we appreciate and understand diversity. Our Staff is 70% female and 40% minority.

  • Value No.
    Servant Leadership

    Leading by example and setting the example as Believers... Greenlead & Gestalt trained.

  • Value No.
    Great Purpose

    We Founded this business out of personal experience to have a profound impact.