Workplace investigations look into issues and events in the workplace and determine what happened, who was responsible, and what liabilities exist, if any.

When a complaint is made, or a potential problem is discovered, companies are required to investigate thoroughly and impartially. Workplace investigations look into a range of activities including: breaches of company rules, criminal misconduct, insurance fraud, theft or embezzlement, regulatory compliance issues, and more. Because the range of issues to investigate is so broad, investigators may use surveillance, searches, digital surveillance, drug tests, and more.

Often, employers use HR departments to investigate complaints and other issues - but this has its inherent risks. HR employees are time-pressed, and if the investigation is incomplete or contains bias, it can lead to legal action and expensive settlements.

Trustify’s investigator network was built to make professional investigative services accessible to businesses of all sizes. Trustify’s unique technology allows cases of all sizes to be staffed by experienced investigators quickly and inexpensively, often at 30%-40% below the industry standard rate. Each case is handled personally, and produces a concise, actionable report that assesses where the preponderance of evidence lies.

Our Investigative Services

AOE or COE Insurcance Investigations

When an injury occurs in the course of work, or in the workplace, it’s important to know the facts - especially if there are insurance claims involved. Trustify’s network has insurance fraud investigators nationwide with expertise in workplace injuries.

Employee Misconduct Investigations

Misconduct in the workplace is a serious matter that can lead to loss of staff, expensive legal proceedings, and more. Trustify can investigate complaints in the workplace quickly, impartially, and effectively.

Workplace (ADA, EEOC or FMLA Sensitive)

If you’re facing a complaint or investigation under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), or the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), it’s important to get your facts straight. Violations of employee rights under these acts often attract expensive settlements and damaging PR.

Trustify’s network includes investigators with specific expertise in workplace investigations and familiarity with relevant regulations and laws as they relate to employee and employer rights. This lets us conduct investigations quickly, ethically, and confidentially.

Workplace Conditions Investigations

Complaints about workplace conditions must be investigated quickly and impartially to avoid legal repercussions.

Investigators can work quickly and confidentially to get you answers.

Workplace Investigation Interview

Interviewing is a central tactic of any workplace investigation - but it must be conducted ethically and responsibly.

Trustify’s network has skilled interviewers with extensive law enforcement experience and knowledge of effective techniques and relevant laws.

Workplace Violence Investigation

Violence, threats, and abuse in the workplace are serious matters that employers have a duty to investigate promptly.

Trustify’s network has expertise in assessing injuries, interviewing witnesses, and gathering evidence to assess what happened, who’s responsible, and what action to take.

Unlawful Conduct Investigations

Unlawful conduct investigations require extensive factual investigations, interviews and more. This can place stress on the investigative capacity of any firm, and run up costs that clients might be unwilling to bear. Investigators can expand a law firm's capacity without inflating costs.

Trained investigators are available through Trustify to collect evidence for unlawful conduct investigations discreetly, safely, and within the bounds of the law.

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Computer Forensics Services

Devices with storage and connectivity capabilites have become ubiquitious. As a result, they are increasingly relevant to all sorts of investigations and often provide incredibly valuble evidence. Computer forensics investigations analyze these devices and recover evidence from them, even when that evidence has been deleted or hidden.

Use private investigators with computer science backgrounds in military, intelligence, and legal fields to find and recover evidence from all types of devices.

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