Trust and Safety checks are about protecting you, your employees, your customers, and your business from bad actors and unethical behavior. In today’s political climate, customers and employees have high expectations when it comes to corporate conduct. Companies are expected to do their due diligence on every person and organization they associate with - or else.

Trust and Safety checks are generally used for vetting employees, contractors, executives, and customers. Unlike a basic background check, Trust and Safety checks dive much deeper into a subject’s life: they look into a subject’s business dealings, associates, criminal history, previous residences, and even social media profiles to assess character and trustworthiness.

Trustify was built with the exacting and rapidly changing needs of businesses in mind. Our flexible, highly vetted network of private investigators is capable of responding to the trust and safety needs of any company, large or small, without the large investments required for traditional consultants or in-house trust and safety departments. Before you trust someone, make sure you know everything you can about them.

Our Investigative Services

Background Checks

Trustify does not do checks that just “tick the box”.

Instead, licensed investigators individually handle each background checks, taking steps to  individually verify every criminal, professional, educational and personal record. Your report will let you move forward with trust and confidence.

Pre-Employment Screenings

For employees that occupy positions of trust a basic check will not do. Trustify’s pre-employment screening service goes far beyond a basic background check. Private investigators personally handle each screening, individually verifying professional, educational, and personal records.

Social Media Screenings

Social Media contains a wealth of information about someone’s conduct and character.

Investigators legally and ethically gather social media data from both popular and fringe sites about any subject,  analyzing content for unethical or criminal behavior. The result is a FCRA compliant report for hiring, vetting or other purposes.

Tenant Screenings

Tenants represent a risk for landlords and realtors. That’s why our tenant screening process is one of the most intensive in the business. Each check is personally handled by a licensed, vetted investigator.

Trustify’s FCRA-compliant screening reports contain all the evidence you need to make a decision, including residence, employment, and criminal records that have been individually verified by the assigned investigator.

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