Political research is the practice of obtaining information on any matter, person, or organization for use by political operations like campaigns, committees, PACs, and lobbying groups to find weaknesses in their opponents or vet their own personnel and candidates.

Political research is difficult in part because the opposition is likely to have taken steps to hide, bury, or remove from the public view any damaging information. As a result, finding this information requires a combination of creativity, determination, experience, and attention to detail. Private investigators are skilled at the kind of public record research needed, including in criminal, financial, medical and educational sources, as well as records covered under the Freedom of Information Act of 1966.

Trustify's Political Research solutions offer the kind of investigative skills and know-how that’s not normally available to most political operations. Each investigator in our national network is vetted by a thorough 5-point process for experience, skills, and effectiveness. This means we can gather publicly available information through research and traditional surveillance quickly and cost-effectively so you can get an advantage over your competitor.

Whether you are a local candidate, a law firm, association or PAC, Trustify can help you develop a clear picture of your competitor's weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and also understand (and mitigate) your own.

Our Investigative Services

Opposition Research

Gathering information about an opponent in a political race is extremely important.  Understanding their vulnerabilities allows you to craft a better message and exploit their blind spots.

Our nationwide network of experienced private investigators can be mobilized quickly to dig into publicly available information about an opponent’s political, professional and personal history and identify their weaknesses.

Self Research

In a political campaign, staff are infinitely better off understanding the vulnerabilities their candidate is likely to face.

Trustify’s self research solutions enable your campaign to understand all the information that is available about about your candidate, donors, and any other important figures, so your campaign can prepare for possible attacks.

Staff and Appointee Vetting

It’s important to understand the vulnerabilities of any staff member or appointee.  

Trustify’s vetting process goes far beyond criminal background checks and a allows you to get a detailed history of any individual, letting you understand the risks before making a commitment.

Donor Vetting

Accepting campaign contributions from politically risky donors can create a vulnerability that your opponent can exploit.

Before accepting any contribution from a large donor, Trustify’s donor-vetting solution can help you understand who the donor is and what risks they might carry before you accept their donation.

Asset Searches

Trustify’s network can perform asset searches to help organizations understand the business environment, identify threats, secure their finances, and locate stolen property.

Investigators in our network can use forensic accounting, financial analysis, asset tracing, and other techniques to identify assets, including those hidden from view internationally and domestically using financial instruments, collectables, and other tactics.

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