In 2014, the National Retail Federation estimated $44 billion dollars was lost due to shoplifting. Retail losses come from a range of sources including: amateur shoplifters, professional shoplifters, employee theft, embezzlement, trademark and copyright violations. Loss prevention investigations include everything from forensic accounting, to interviews and surveillance to identify perpetrators and potentially recover lost products.

Successful loss and theft investigations require discretion to avoid tipping off those being investigated. With years of experience, Trustify’s network of ex-law enforcement private investigators know exactly what signs to look for and how best to mitigate loss and theft. Each investigator in our network is subject to a 5-point vetting process that assesses their skills, experience, and reliability, along with a customer rating system to maintain quality.

Our Investigative Services

Loss and Theft Investigations

Discreet surveillance is the best way to catch traditional shoplifting losses.

Trustify’s network has experience catching shoplifters in action. Our network uses surveillance techniques to prove whether shoplifting is occurring, and to identify the guilty party (or parties). This type of surveillance can not only help recover stolen merchandise; it can deter future shoplifters as well.

Employee Theft Investigations

For more sophisticated forms of loss (or ‘shrinkage’) prevention, we use advanced techniques to identify perpetrators and collect evidence. Investigators use digital research, including social media dives and deep web research, and surveillance depending on the case.

Our network includes ex-law enforcement and trained digital researches and has the ability to conduct research (web, databases, social media) along with surveillance to identify and connect the dots. Investigators examine things like lifestyle clues, various financial holdings, and other traceable activities (mismatching financial documents, etc.), to detect and prevent fraud.

Intellectual Property & Copyright Infringements

Trademark investigations determine if a trademark or product is being used illegally and if so, how and by who. This can require deep web searches (sometimes across international marketplaces), surveillance, and pretext investigations to determine if organizations are falsifying their product in a manner that violates a trademark or copyright.

Trustify’s network of private investigators has successfully identified a number of trademark violations both domestically and internationally and across digital and physical marketplaces.

Unlawful Conduct Investigations

Unlawful conduct investigations require extensive factual investigations, interviews and more. This can place stress on the investigative capacity of any firm, and run up costs that clients might be unwilling to bear. Investigators can expand a law firm's capacity without inflating costs.

Trained investigators are available through Trustify to collect evidence for unlawful conduct investigations discreetly, safely, and within the bounds of the law.

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