Locating people or property can be mission-critical for businesses, yet outside your company’s capabilities due to lack of internal resources, expertise, tools, and techniques essential to the task.  

Trustify’s national network or private investigators can locate people and property of any type. Cases we handle include skip-trace investigations for landlords, finding heirs to a will, locating automobiles in suspected insurance fraud schemes, finding the legal owners of abandoned properties for real-estate investors, and more.

The size, reach and expertise within our network gives Trustify the ability to locate people and property anywhere in the US. Each investigator in our network is rated by customers after each case, and is subject to a 5-point check that assesses their skills, experience, and reliability before they’re allowed to work. We handle the search leaving you and your staff to focus on what you do best.

Our Investigative Services

Locate People

Locating a person is challenging, whether it’s because the subject doesn’t want to be found, because they are transient, or because little is known about the person.  

Our national network is well-equipped to locate people. Each investigator has an average of 11 years of experience and access to industry-standard tools that are critical to the trade. This means we can conduct research and on-the-ground surveillance to get the subject’s location for you quickly and reliably nationwide.

Locate Lost or Stolen Property

The police clearance rate for most stolen goods is less than 12%, making your chances of finding, let alone recovering your property without expert help slim. Trustify’s national network of private investigators is over 65% ex-law enforcement and  has extensive experience and resources to devote to locating your lost or stolen property.

Land Ownership & Title Investigations

Absentee owners are a real issue for real estate buyers. Real estate investment opportunities are often hindered by the inability of the buyer to identify and establish contact with the owner of a property.  Large real estate transactions can also be at jeopardy if the rightful title owners cannot be identified and verified.  

Trustify’s land ownership and title investigations are essential to any investor looking to identify new investments opportunities and protect themselves from the risk of fraud during a transaction.

Skip Tracing Services

Need to find someone in a hurry? Finding people who are actively hiding, or finding people with little to no known information is a speciality of private investigators. This service is known in the trade as "skip tracing".

Our experienced network of private investigators can locate people for corporate, legal, and personal purposes using professional tools, an understanding of human psychology, and years of experience.

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