Financial investigations look into a person’s or business’ financial matters to understand how money flows, how it is used, and to potentially uncover illicit activity such as money laundering, embezzlement, collusion, and fraud. The results of a financial investigation can be used as evidence in legal actions to bring forth restitution and reclaim assets, or seek criminal penalties.

Trustify’s financial investigation solutions are broad and relevant to any industry where there is risk from financial transactions (especially those where the parties involved are not very familiar with each other).  Whether you are a business accepting money from wealthy investors, a law firm representing someone that has been a victim of fraud, or an online marketplace that processes payments for thousands of businesses, Trustify’s financial investigation solutions can help you identify and flag areas of risk in a cost-effective way that is accessible to businesses of any size.

Trustify’s nationwide network of licensed private investigators only includes the best. Each investigator is individually checked with a 5-point vetting process that examines their licensing, experience, skills, and ethical conduct. Our technology platform makes investigative services accessible to a wide range of businesses at up to 40% below industry standard rates. No matter what you need investigated, we can help.

Our Investigative Services

Computer Forensics Services

Devices with storage and connectivity capabilites have become ubiquitious. As a result, they are increasingly relevant to all sorts of investigations and often provide incredibly valuble evidence. Computer forensics investigations analyze these devices and recover evidence from them, even when that evidence has been deleted or hidden.

Use private investigators with computer science backgrounds in military, intelligence, and legal fields to find and recover evidence from all types of devices.

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Asset Searches

Trustify’s network can perform asset searches to help organizations understand the business environment, identify threats, secure their finances, and locate stolen property.

Investigators in our network can use forensic accounting, financial analysis, asset tracing, and other techniques to identify assets, including those hidden from view internationally and domestically using financial instruments, collectables, and other tactics.

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Money Laundering Investigations

In today’s digital and interconnected world, the opportunities to launder money are greater than ever and upcoming Customer Due Diligence Requirements from FinCEN will increase the need for anti-money laundering compliance.  A money laundering investigation from Trustify can uncover evidence of illegal money transfers and identify the individuals or organizations involved that can be used to bring forth legal judgement and help create new internal mechanisms to protect your business.

Bankruptcy Fraud Investigations

There are many types of behaviors classified by U.S. Code, Title 18 as bankruptcy crimes including concealing property from a bankruptcy estate, falsely testifying at a creditors meeting, and self-dealing by a trustee or debtor-in-possession.  Proving these can result in a denial of discharge and potential fines or imprisonment for each incident.  A bankruptcy fraud investigation from Trustify can yield the evidence of bankruptcy crimes needed to bring legal action and denial of discharge in any bankruptcy claim.

Embezzlement Investigations

Embezzlement can be perpetrated by any type of individual in every type of business, whether large or small. An embezzlement investigation from Trustify can help identify whether embezzlement has occurred, the size of the amount stolen, and help take action to protect against this conduct, and to recover the assets lost or stolen.

Mortgage Fraud Investigations

A mortgage fraud investigation is useful for anyone in the mortgage process, from lenders, brokers, insurance companies and even sellers. A mortgage fraud investigation can uncover housing or property mortgage fraud, mortgage fraud for profit, or fraud incidental to money laundering.

Extensive Backround Checks

In any financial investigation, running deep background checks on all individuals can uncover any history of criminal activity, motives, or similar methods used.  Background checks can also be done separately from any financial investigation for various reasons like vetting pre-hires or before entering into significant business agreements with new partners. Running an extensive background check on employees or partners is a powerful tool that all businesses should employe to mitigate risk from associated personnel.

Social Media and Online Investigations

The proliferation of social media platforms has created an immense amount of information that can be analyzed to understand a person’s opinions, character, location, habits and behavior. A social media and online investigation is an in-depth intensive analysis of someone’s social media presence across all platforms ( hidden and public) for the purpose of evidence collection, revealing their character and trustworthiness, as well to screen for illegal, unethical or immoral behavior.  A social media and online investigation can be a powerful tool as part of a financial investigation, to uncover evidence of any illegal activity.  


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