Due diligence investigations are intended to mitigate risk for any organization making business decisions such as mergers, acquisitions, or joint ventures. Due diligence is essential to ensure the deals (and the organizations they’re made with) are credible and legitimate. These investigations include thorough searches into all aspects of how an organization is run and their financials to uncover any potential liabilities. Trustify’s network of private investigators utilizes a range of techniques to conduct these investigations including: deep web searches, database searches, and on-the-ground surveillance.

Trustify’s nationwide network of private investigators are licensed and highly vetted. Our nationwide coverage allows us to staff investigation quickly across state lines without regulatory hurdles. Finally, our technology solution allows us to handle cases with experienced investigators  at up to 40% below industry standard rates.

Our Services

Mergers and Acquisition Protection

Protect your business from what unknowns prior to a merger or acquisition.

Trustify’s network of private investigators is well equipped to conduct deep-dive investigations of all aspects of an organization or asset. Investigators look into all relevant and available financial records to determine assets, liabilities, credit standing, etc., and will locate and interview persons of interest, and conduct surveillance to identify or rule out potential wrongdoing.

Joint Venture Protection & Potential Client Investigations

Investigate, review, and background check all clients prior to entering partnerships. Ignorance of risky or illegal behavior by a client will not protect your organization so let us provide the relevant intelligence. With access to highly specialized databases, experience with advanced international deep web and social media searches, and a history of success conducting discreet surveillance, our network of private investigators will ensure you have all the information needed before entering new partnerships.

Financial Due Diligence

Verify the financial stability and integrity of an organization or project. Financial due diligence checks are all encompassing and can include everything from identifying and locating relevant financial records to deep web research and on the ground surveillance to corroborate facts.

Deep-Dive Background & Social Media Checks

Trustify’s background checks go beyond the surface to collect information pertaining to a person’s entire character. These background checks include the basic identity verification, education, criminal, and employment databases. They can also go further to include dives into social media and web history to collect a more holistic view on individuals.

Competitive Business Intelligence

Utilize competitive business intelligence investigations to gather information about competitors. This intelligence can assist with a range of strategies from assessing a competitor's plans and market share to identifying areas of opportunity within the market for your organization.

Asset Searches

Trustify’s network can perform asset searches to help organizations understand the business environment, identify threats, secure their finances, and locate stolen property.

Investigators in our network can use forensic accounting, financial analysis, asset tracing, and other techniques to identify assets, including those hidden from view internationally and domestically using financial instruments, collectables, and other tactics.

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