Criminal and accident investigations are performed by private investigators to understand the causes of the incident and what parties were involved so that liability and/or financial responsibility can be determined. Accident investigations are primarily performed on behalf of insurance companies or attorneys, most commonly by investigators with former law enforcement experience. These investigations are useful for an array of scenarios including motor vehicle accidents, suspected arson and fraud, workplace injuries, and even wrongful death.

Trustify’s network of licensed private investigators provides criminal and accident investigation solutions nationwide, through vetted, licensed, and specialized investigators with many years of experience.  Our solutions are performed by very highly specialized investigators with many years of former law-enforcement experience investigating crimes and accidents. Each investigator is individually checked with a 5-point vetting process that examines their licensing, experience, skills, and ethical conduct. Whether you are an attorney representing the victim of motor-vehicle accident in Boston, or an insurance company with a client in San Diego, Trustify can perform these investigations quickly and cost-effectively with top-notch investigators

Our Investigative Services

Arson & Fire Loss Investigations

Arson & Fire Loss investigations determine the cause and source of a fire along with involved parties to identify whether foul play was involved. Evidence collected can be used in court and to assist with insurance claims.

Personal Injury Investigations  

Corroborate or deny personal injury claims with an investigation that will determine if and how a personal injury occurred along with all parties that were involved.

Unlawful Conduct Investigations

Determine whether unlawful conduct took place and if so, by whom, where and how. All evidence collected is court admissible.

Active Insurance Fraud Investigations

Our network will determine if insurance fraud took place. If it is determined it did, investigators will determine how and by whom. Investigators can also assist in financial/asset recovery.

Real Estate Fraud Investigations

Determine in fraudulent dealings took place in real estate dealings including (but not limited to): mortgage fraud, land fraud, title fraud, and foreclosure fraud.

Unlawful Conduct Investigations

Unlawful conduct investigations require extensive factual investigations, interviews and more. This can place stress on the investigative capacity of any firm, and run up costs that clients might be unwilling to bear. Investigators can expand a law firm's capacity without inflating costs.

Trained investigators are available through Trustify to collect evidence for unlawful conduct investigations discreetly, safely, and within the bounds of the law.

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