A good corporate intelligence investigation can help you make better decisions, avoid risky (and expensive) situations, and outcompete your competitors. In simple terms, corporate intelligence is the gathering of data about a wide range of people, activities, and events relevant to your business.

Corporate intelligence has almost endless usefulness. For instance, a retail manufacturer might investigate a competitor’s product sourcing practices, a restaurant might investigate if the bad reviews on social media were created by a competing restaurant, or an investment firm might investigate if former employees are breaking non-compete clauses.  

Normally, corporate intelligence services are out of reach of most businesses, but Trustify is changing the way corporate intelligence works. Our technology platform makes corporate intelligence operations accessible to all businesses by allowing us to staff cases on-demand and cost-effectively without compromising on quality. Over 65% of investigators in our network have law enforcement or military experience making it one of the most experienced and skilled in the nation.

Our Investigative Services

Competitive Intelligence

Competitive intelligence is the gathering of information about a competitor’s activities, strategies, and operations.

Depending on the need, investigators can gather intelligence on a competitor’s business practices and identify opportunities and vulnerabilities to give you an edge to compete and protect yourself from risks.

Unfair Competition Investigations

Sometimes, competitors break the rules to get ahead. Unfair competition investigations look for violations of competition laws and collect evidence for legal action. Common issues we look into include:

  • Corporate espionage or misappropriation of Trade Secrets
  • Trademark infringements
  • Trade defamation or libel, like false statements about a product or service by a competitor
  • Antitrust and anti competitive practices like predatory pricing, blocking access to the marketplace, collusion etc.
  • Interference, for example by getting a business partner to break an agreement

Unlawful Conduct Investigations

Unlawful conduct investigations look into harassment, abuse, or any other conduct that creates an unsafe work environment for employees.

Trustify’s unlawful conduct investigations aim to find out what happened, who is liable, and how the misconduct came about quickly, discreetly, and without bias.  This evidence can be used for  criminal or civil action, to recuperate any losses suffered, and to put in place processes to stop the conduct from occurring again.

Skip Tracing Services

Need to find someone in a hurry? Finding people who are actively hiding, or finding people with little to no known information is a speciality of private investigators. This service is known in the trade as "skip tracing".

Our experienced network of private investigators can locate people for corporate, legal, and personal purposes using professional tools, an understanding of human psychology, and years of experience.

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Asset Searches

Trustify’s network can perform asset searches to help organizations understand the business environment, identify threats, secure their finances, and locate stolen property.

Investigators in our network use forensic accounting, financial analysis, asset tracing, and other techniques to identify assets, including those hidden from view internationally and domestically using financial instruments, collectables, and other tactics.

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