Sure – you can type “background check” into a Google search and over a million results follow. Some are free, some are for specific reasons, some will “verify” or provide “criminal records.”  But how dependable are some of these million+ options to provide the truth, trust and safety you deserve?

The quality does matter –  here are a few stories in which running a background check failed in just the last two months:

It’s not just employee screening. At Trustify, there has been an increase in Catfishing investigations. 90% of those confirm that the victim had been catfished and to date, over $5 million has been lost to catfishers by our customers. They are not alone:

  • A study conducted by the Better Business Bureau estimates that over the last three years, Americans and Canadians have combined for a loss of $1 billion due to online scams, including catfishing – and those just account for the cases that were reported. Of the estimated 3.5 million dating profiles, it is believed that at least 500,000 are fake.
  • A woman posing as a producer/financier and scamming aspiring directors and producers in Hollywood has duped some victims for as much as $150,000, name-dropping known executives and connections in the industry that the victims have already established.

As Trustify transforms the antiquated investigative service industry by infusing it with 21st century technology and ensuring a core set of principles guiding its daily investigations, we offer the Trust & Safety Check, which goes beyond a basic public records search.

trust and safety check packages

“There are three levels, ranging from a basic background check to vetting a potential employee, “ said Cole Little, Customer Success Manager with Trustify.

Instead of piecemealing a full investigation together on your own, from multiple sources, the Trust & Safety Checks are comprehensive and cover just about everything. A carefully vetted, highly experienced, licensed private investigator from Trustify can compile a deep dive, more than a normal background check, including: 

  • Pre-employment

  • In-Home care (nanny, nurses)

  • Tenant screening

  • Potential business partner

  • Background check on a boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse (personal relationships)

  • Catfishing/Online Dating

  • Physical Asset searches

Following the initial customer query – either online or via telephone – one of our sales agents will walk you through what information the licensed investigator can provide with a Trust & Safety Check. “From there, basic details about the person of interest are collected and an investigator is assigned.”

  • Business dealings
  • Associates
  • Criminal history
  • Previous residences
  • Social media profiles (for character, trustworthiness)

“Clients tend to request background checks due to the set list of data they will obtain from the check. They choose Trust & Safety Package A the most, due to the competitive price,” added Little.  “This will verify the person of interest’s name, date of birth, current and past addresses, criminal record, sex offender registry, marital status, professional licenses, and known associates. These tend to complete quickly."

And, you will be in contact with the investigator directly, so if you feel that more of an investigation is necessary based on the results provided, you don’t have to catch a new person up to speed or reach out to another resource. You’re not at the mercy of an automated scan of a database that isn’t updated, or incomplete. You will have a dedicated account manager administering your case from initial request to final report. 

The first technology platform to connect clients to a nationwide network of on-demand private investigators and intelligence analysts, Trustify has made the process easier and more transparent. And in the case of Trust & Safety Checks, comprehensive and quick.

Bernadette Vielhaber

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