Danny Boice Shares Trustify Making Top 100 Sharing Economy Apps

Hello everyone.  Danny Boice, Trustify Founder and CEO, here.   We learned today that Trustify is ranked in the top 100 Sharing Economy Apps and Websites You Don’trealistic-golden-trophy-with-gold-laurel-wreath_48799-144-1 Want to Miss.  Trustify was recorded as Fifth in the "Misc" category.  You can find the original article here.  The salient bits can be found below.

In short, the sharing economy (also known as peer-to-peer services) allows anyone to rent out a room with Airbnb, become a taxi driver with Uber, tutor through WyzAnt, or make money through dozens of other activities — all while benefiting others.

After spending some time to create a list of 100 ways to make money and 100 websites that pay you to refer friends, we decided that it was only appropriate to create an article revealing 100 sharing economy websites worth exploring.

Whether you’re looking to make a few bucks on the side, or earn a full-time living, these sites can give you a great place to start. So let’s get started!

100 Sharing Economy Apps and Websites


To make it easier to filter, I have divided this list into multiple categories.

If you realize that I’ve missed an app or website – let me know in the comments section below and I’ll be sure to add it.



  1. Carvertise – Strapped for cash? Sign up for Carvertise and get paid for featuring advertisements on your motor vehicle.
  2. Wrapify – Similar to Carvertise, with Wrapify you can get paid to wrap your car in an advertisement.
  3. Scribendi – Scribendi is a peer-to-peer proofreading website. Get paid to proofread other people’s work.
  4. Seateroo – With Seateroo whenever you have a great seat on a plane, you can sell it to someone sitting in the back.
  5. Trustify – Have the chops and background to be a private investigator? Trustify connects private investigators with people in need of some sleuthing.
  6. FancyHands – Hire a virtual assistant or become one with FancyHands.
  7. Zirtual – Similar to FancyHands, Zirtual is a virtual assistant website.
  8. DoulaMatch – Are you a woman who is qualified to assist other women in childbirth? Then you can put your skills to use with DoulaMatch.
  9. ToolLocker – ToolLocker is a construction equipment rental site, where equipment owners can rent out their unused equipment.
  10. DropTrip – Save or make money by using DropTrip. With this site, you can get paid to deliver packages to destinations that you’re already planning to visit.

Well, there you have it. Have you tried any of these peer-to-peer services in the past? If yes, share your experience in the comments section below. Did we miss any sharing economy apps or sites? If so, let us know and we’ll add it!

Danny Boice
Danny Boice

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