Jennifer Mellon

Jennifer Mellon is the co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer of Trustify. As CRO, Jennifer oversees brand and marketing, sales, customer acquisition, corporate and nonprofit partnerships, hiring practices, as well as working directly with clients in need of our concierge of investigative services.

Posts By Jennifer Mellon

Jen Mellon | 6 Unique Challenges in International Search and Reunion - And How to Overcome Them

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 18, 2019

Jen Mellon | Companies Implementing Adoption Benefits for Employees

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 18, 2019

Jen Mellon | Misconceptions About Private Investigators

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 17, 2019

Jen Mellon on Foster Care in Florida

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 16, 2019

Jen Mellon on Adoption in Virginia

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 15, 2019

Jen Mellon | Searching for Your Birth Family? 4 Things to Keep in Mind

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 15, 2019

Networking Advice From Jen Mellon, Co-Founder and President of Trustify

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 14, 2019

Jen Mellon: Our Technology Empowers a Direct Connection Between Client and Investigator

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 13, 2019

Jen Mellon’s 5 Most Favorite Quotes for Adoptive Parents

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 12, 2019

Jen Mellon | The Difficulties of Finding Birth Parents in South Korea

Jennifer Mellon   |     Jan 11, 2019

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