The relationship between attorneys and private investigators is symbiotic and, thanks to modern technology, closer than ever. Attorneys often carry the responsibility of bringing a court case to fruition alone - finding witnesses, diving into data, organizing and presenting evidence. When human lives, large assets, or public safety are at stake, being an attorney can be an incredible pressure. But, by partnering with a private investigator, attorneys can save time and money by working more efficiently, obtain otherwise hidden information, and better represent their clients.

Here's 8 ways that private investigators can help attorneys:

1. Financial Investigations

Whether you are mediating a divorce, recovering stolen assets, or investigating a potential business partner for a corporate client, a private investigator has access to the databases and the personal intel to provide real data and the evidence you need to close the case. Private investigators can provide key evidence to close an embezzlement case, provide careful internal investigation for a corporate client, or perform forensic accounting to uncover unlawful money moves.

2. Fraud Detection

A big part of what private investigators provide for attorneys is the deep-dive (and resulting proof) of fraud analysis and detection. Our network of investigators are especially adept at bringing to light any incongruence in tax evasion or fraud, insurance fraud, identity theft, and more. Experienced private investigators come from a variety of criminal justice backgrounds including federal bureau, DOJ, and military tenure. Years of advanced servitude equip investigators in Trustify’s network to uncover major evidence in highly secure, sensitive cases.

3. Profiling and Psychographics

Beyond a background check, private investigators can dig into any person’s, company’s, or group’s past, present, and potential future choices, preferences, and network. PIs have the skill to search for a person’s location, place of work, lifestyle habits, and what you can expect from these individuals. Investigators’ expertise and the proof that backs up their analyses are trusted in court and can be an incredible asset to your case.

4. Opposition Research & Competitive Intelligence

Whether you’re facing an opponent in a legal matter, in business, or in politics, it pays to know who you’re up against. Hiring a private investigator can help you dig beyond public knowledge and a Google search – we can get you the details on financial relationships, business activities, personal background, and more that you need to outmaneuver your opponent.

5. Computer Forensics & Data Management

In the digital age we’re living in, so much of the evidence you need to adequately serve your client is living inside of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device. Private investigators are skilled in compliant, clean computer forensics; they know how to perform skillful research within a device’s files, track behaviors on the device, and preserve evidence so that it holds up in court.

Working with a private investigator to get intel about your client, the opposing client or counsel, client competitors, or the case in general is easier than you might think. Veteran PIs understand that data needs to be condensed until it is digestible and brief for your benefit. The most skilled investigators also understand that anything gathered and stored pertaining to your case needs to be kept private, confidential, and housed in a sterile, work-only digital environment. Any device used to gather digital evidence can be summoned during discovery, so your private investigator will preserve and secure all information so that it remains reviewable and never tampered with.

6. Save Attorneys Time

The more that you devote your time to investigative work, the less time you will be spending on articulating your statements for trial, working with your client, and preparing for the big day. Hand this part off to someone whose chief skill is the research and investigation you need done, and free up your (and your staff’s) time for more important duties, like serving more clients.

7. Bolster Profitability For Your Firm

Your earnings should go back to yourself, your firm, and the future of your career. Massive investigative companies – you know the ones – also charge enormous amounts of money for their intel. If you use alternative fee structures, this cuts into your margin. If you pass these costs to clients, you can find yourself having to justify large line items to your clients - and run the risk of having to write down (or write off) some of your time or expenses. Using a private investigator through Trustify can help you better represent your clients and lower your bottom line (or pass-through costs).

8. ?????????

If we said that we'd seen it all at Trustify we'd be lying. Every week we help our clients solve complex problems that we didn't even know existed. From investigating the black market in automobile tires to helping survivors of domestic surveillance escape electronic surveillance by their abusers, we understand that flexibility and a can-do attitude is what makes us successful. 

The Value of a Skilled Private Investigator in Trustify's Network

So, how do you choose an investigator who’s trustworthy and has the tools and skills you need for the task at hand? How do you make sure they know how to to collect and deliver evidence to you in a secure and court admissible manner? Vetting an investigator is critical - especially when your case, your reputation, and the client’s interests are at stake.

That’s why we vet our network of investigators carefully, checking licenses, backgrounds, and verifying records and assessing skill-sets. We don’t have inexperience investigators in our network either - for corporate and legal cases, we assign investigators with a minimum of 5 years experience.

There’s no need to hire a jack-of-all-trades PI either; our network has investigators that specialize in a wide variety if disciplines, so you’ll always have the right person for the job, from certified forensic accountants to former intelligence officers.

Kayla Naab

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