Retailers face many types of challenges - not only from competitors and market forces, but also from their own employees, customers and even organized criminal organizations. These forces account for more than $45 Billion in shrinkage annually for the retail industry.

Trustify’s investigation solutions for the retail industry are aimed at reducing loss and theft throughout the supply chain through surveillance of operations and research into personnel.  Whether you’re a small retailer with a single location, or a national retailer with thousands, Trustify has scalable, cost-effective solutions to help you gather information and gain evidence needed to tackle some of your biggest challenges. Each private investigator in our network is subject to a 5 point vetting, verification, and customer rating system that ensures you get the most experienced and reliable investigators working your case.

Our Investigative Solutions

Loss and Theft Investigations

Loss and theft is a serious problem for the retail industry, even for firms that have their own in-house loss protection departments.

Trustify’s network of experienced investigators can give you the capabilities you need to handle loss protection issues without the expense of in-house operations.  Whether your business is suffering from theft due to employees, customers or organized criminals, Trustify’s solutions can help you gather evidence you need to bring legal action and reduce your loss.

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Trust and Safety: Extensive Background Checks

All retailers face risk from personnel that have access to sensitive information, funds, products, and even customer information. Regardless of the position or seniority, any new hire poses a risk to your business.  

Trustify’s Trust and Safety solutions give you a complete understanding of new hires and current employees. Our Trust and Safety solutions go beyond a traditional background check to get a clear picture of  a subject’s past, character, and trustworthiness.

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Corporate Intelligence Solutions

In today’s competitive climate, retailers have to protect themselves against unfair business practices from their competitors.

Whether you‘re a local meat distributor, a single-unit restaurant or a national trucking company, Trustify’s corporate intelligence solutions can help you identify and stop unfair practices by competitors.  Our investigators have law-enforcement experience and the investigative skills to help you get evidence to take action against unfair competitive practices.

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