Buyers, sellers, landlords, and real estate professionals deal with risk on a day-to-day basis. Whether it’s neglectful tentants, breaches of lease agreements, fraudulent actors, or simply buyers who won’t close, real estate companies routinely base substantial transactions on the trust and honesty of both parties.

Before you make a decision, investigators can make sure you’re armed with all the information necessary to minimize risk by vetting buyers and sellers, investigating incidents, screening tenants, and more.

Trustify’s technology platform makes high-quality investigative services available to all clients. Each investigator is subject to a 5-point experience, skills, and ethics check, and is constantly monitored with customer ratings. Thanks to our technology platform, we can deliver experienced, vetted investigators at up to 40% below industry standard rates.

Our Investigative Solutions

Surveillance and Monitoring

Utilize surveillance and monitoring to collect evidence and screen potential tenants, buyers, and sellers.

Our nationwide reach and diverse experience (including knowledge of the real estate and rental laws and regulations) makes Trustify effective for monitoring and surveillance needs.

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Due Diligence Investigations

Due diligence is essential to mitigate risks (financial or otherwise), and ensure business dealings are safe and legitimate.

For everything from financial matters to background checks, Trustify provides fast, efficient, confidential, and above all reliable due diligence investigations.

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Financial Investigations

Whether you need to make sure a renter can cover costs or find out if a buyer can close, financial investigations can help you get a clear picture.

Our network has experience in disciplines from forensic accounting to surveillance, giving us the flexibility to handle all sorts of financial investigations.

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Trust and Safety: Extensive Background Checks

Trustify’s Trust and Safety check are a step above the regular background check services generally used for vetting contractors, renters, buyers, and even board executives. Unlike a basic background check, Trust and Safety checks dive deep into a subject’s life: they look into a subject’s business dealings, associates, criminal history, previous residences, and even social media profiles to assess character and trustworthiness.

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Locate People and Property

Locating people or property is difficult for those without the expertise and resources of private investigators.  

Trustify’s national network of private investigators has the experience and skills to locate people and property nationwide. Whether it’s skip-trace investigations for landlords, locating an heir to a will, finding missing property, or tracking down absentee owners, we’ve handled it all.

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