Working in politics means operating in challenging environments, usually in opposition to other organizations. Success often depends on gaining an edge through access to detailed information about individuals, campaigns, or other organizations. Simultaneously, you must protect yourself from internal vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the competition.

Getting access to useful information requires a special type of research. Much of the material that’s valuable is buried deep in archives, or otherwise hidden from view. Investigators know how to conduct creative investigations that are lawful and ethical. Whether they’re searching social media for evidence of criminal records delving into public records, or conducting surveillance, private investigators are experts at collecting actionable intelligence.

Trustify’s investigator network provides reliable investigators for sensitive research and surveillance matters on demand. Each investigator in our network has an average of 11+ years of experience in sensitive research and surveillance. Trustify’s technology platform makes high-quality investigative services available to all clients. Each investigator is subject to a 5-point experience, skills, and ethics check, and is constantly monitored with customer ratings.

Our Investigative Solutions

Political Research Solutions

Political operations at all levels are high-stakes enterprises. Gathering accurate and effective information  opponents, donors, or appointees is critical.

Trustify offers political researchers with experience in sensitive political matters who can gather information about an opponent, donor or appointee, and distill findings about their past, character, and potential vulnerabilities quickly.

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Trust and Safety: Extensive Background Checks

Political operatives often have access to delicate information. In today’s age of hacking and data leaks, failing to thoroughly vet employees and executives can be fatal.  

Trustify’s Trust and Safety solutions go beyond a standard criminal background check and instead create an extensive assessment of a person’s history, credentials, and trustworthiness. Trust and Safety solutions are essential for key hires or any individual in a position of trust within the organization.

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