Online marketplaces connect users with contractors, saving consumers money - but this carries risks. Illegal, unethical, or dangerous behavior by contractors can be tied back to the service they work through in the eyes of the public, and in the eyes of the law.

Unfortunately, the basic background checks that services often use to vet contractors are notoriously unreliable. Known for returning both false positives and false negatives, simple criminal background check services have been known to disqualify clean candidates and clear ones with significant criminal histories. Private investigators solve this by going far beyond the basic background check and verifying each record, searching for records that might be hidden or misfiled, and even investigating other areas of a subject’s background if necessary.

Weed out bad contractors by conducting thorough checks. Trustify’s unique platform provides the most experienced, vetted investigators nationwide for Trust & Safety checks and due diligence investigations. Each investigator in our network is subject to an intensive 5-point check that assesses their licensing, integrity, skills, and experience, and moniters them constantly through a customer rating system.

Our Investigative Solutions

Trust & Safety Checks

Vet employees, investigate contractors, and more.

Go beyond a basic background check with Trustify’s Trust & Safety checks which include deep dives into social media, online behavior, property connections, known associates, and more.

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Due Diligence Investigations

Manage the risks in critical business decisions like mergers, partnerships and major contracts. Our due diligence investigations include thorough searches into all aspects of an organization, including their personnel and financial situation to uncover potential risks.

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Financial Investigations

Understand the financial dimension of critical financial partnerships.

Financial investigations look into where money flows, how it is stored, and what relationships this implies. If you need to look into illicit activity such as money laundering, embezzlement, collusion and fraud within an organization, a financial investigation can help you.

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