Much of litigation is fact-finding, yet lawyers face legal, skill, and time-constraint barriers when it comes to investigating matters. That’s where private investigators come in. Investigators can interview, surveil, find evidence, and even testify in court, leaving attorneys free to do what they do best: represent their clients and build a case.  

Trustify’s national investigator network was built with the legal industry in mind. Each investigator is subject to a 5 point experience, ethics, and skills check before being admitted to our network, and investigators are rated by customers after each case for extra protection. As a result, we have one of the most extensively vetted and reliable networks of investigators in the business.  

Our unique technology platform makes private investigator services more cost-effective for attorneys and clients of all budgets, too. Thanks to our unique technology, our network is able to respond quickly and staff cases nationwide at well below industry standard rates.

Our Investigative Solutions

Surveillance and Monitoring

Collect evidence, corroborate facts, locate witnesses and more with discrete surveillance and monitoring.

Trustify’s nationwide reach and diverse experience, including extensive knowledge of relevant laws and regulations, make us the right choice for monitoring and surveillance.

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Political Research

Whether you’re seeking to understand an opponent or vet a candidate, having the complete set of facts is critical.

Trustify has extensive confidentiality controls in place and a carefully vetted network of investigators well-suited for any discreet investigations.

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Corporate Intelligence

Investigating into corporate matters can be challenging and time-consuming.

Investigators can quickly and effectively gather data about internal incidents, vet senior executives, and look into unfair competitive practices for you and your clients.

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Due Diligence Investigations

Due diligence is an essential process that mitigates risks and ensures business dealings like mergers, acquisitions, new hires, and new customers are legitimate.

Our network has experience with financial matters, executive vetting, and international background investigations of all types, allowing us to handle a variety of due diligence investigations nationwide. 

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Financial Investigations

Financial matters are often complicated, involving a variety of rules, regulations, and laws.

Our network has experience in disciplines from forensic accounting to surveillance, giving us the flexibility to handle a range of financial investigations. We can find  information about financial dealings, wealth transfers, assets, liabilities, and more to help you move forward with your case.

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Trust and Safety: Extensive Background Checks

For what’s important, basic background check services aren’t enough.

Trust and Safety checks are generally used for vetting employees, contractors, executives, and even customers. Unlike a basic background check, Trust and Safety checks dive much deeper into a subject’s life, examining business dealings, associates, criminal history, previous residences, and even social media profiles to assess character and trustworthiness.

If you need to understand someone’s full background, a Trust and Safety check is for you.

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Loss and Theft Investigations

As the number of ways to steal, copy, or misappropriate property and trademarks have grown with technology, so have the ways to investigate it.

Trustify has a diversity of skills and experience to apply to theft, loss, and trademark infringement cases. From deep web searches to interstate investigations, we stand ready to help you.

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Locate People and Property

Locating people or property is difficult for those without the expertise and resources of private investigators.  

Our national network of private investigators has the experience and skills to locate people and property nationwide. Whether it’s skip-trace investigations for landlords, locating missing heirs for probate lawyers, finding automobiles for insurance companies, or even tracking down absentee home owners, we’ve handled it all.

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Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations are tricky propositions that, if done incorrectly, can lead to expensive settlements and other legal complications.

Trustify’s investigator network has the skills and experience to perform a swift, impartial, and diligent workplace investigation in full compliance with the law.

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Criminal and Accident Investigations

Using a private investigator is critical for getting useful evidence, following up on leads, and verifying statements.

Trustify’s network has the law enforcement experience and legal knowledge needed to conduct a thorough investigation and collect useful, court-admissible evidence for your case.

Unlike paralegals and attorneys, Investigators can easily testify about the evidence they have collected if necessary.

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