The finance and insurance industries rely on the efficient flow of money across many partners, often crossing international lines, and every single transaction is an opportunity for criminal behavior. With today’s digital proliferation, the opportunities for money-laundering, embezzlement and fraud can expose any business to risk from their own internal employees, customers, partners, or from organized criminal organizations. Upcoming legislation attempting to combat money-laundering and other criminal activity will increase the compliance requirements, putting all financial institutions and their officers at risk of non-compliance.

Trustify’s solutions for the finance and insurance industries aim to provide better intelligence so that businesses can understand their risks, identify criminal activity or misconduct, and put in place remedies. From vetting high-level employees and conducting due diligence investigations to conducting surveillance to track down relevant parties of interests or corroborate facts for a case, Trustify’s nationwide network of licensed private investigators can provide the information to mitigate your organization’s risk.

Trustify’s national network of vetted, licensed and professional private investigators gives finance and insurance companies access to a wide range of investigation capabilities to organizations of all sizes cost-effectively.

Our Investigative Solutions

Financial Investigations

Financial investigations are important to conduct prior to entering into investments, mergers or acquisitions.

Conduct research into a person’s or business’ financial matters to understand how money flows, and to potentially uncover (or rule out) illicit activity such as money laundering, embezzlement, collusion and fraud.

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Due Diligence Investigations

Mitigate risk with a due diligence investigation prior to critical business decisions such as: mergers & acquisitions, new joint ventures, high-profile hiring, market expansion, etc.

Our network's investigators have extensive experience in due dilligence matters including forensic accounting, deep background research and more. We conduct advanced cyber & physical surveillance to equip you with all the information needed.

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Trust and Safety: Extensive Background Checks

Protect your organization with trust and safety checks at all levels. Vet employees like potential high-profile hires and contractors to minimize risk to your company, customers, and employees.

Trustify’s Trust and Safety checks go beyond a basic background check. Each check is handled by an individual investigator who examines social media, web activity, industry databases, and much more to get a complete picture of the subject's character and trustworthiness.

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Criminal and Accident Investigations

Reconstruct or corroborate scenarios to validate or disprove witness accounts.

Our network of private investigators include ex-law enforcement professionals who have experience working with accident and crime scenes to determine what happened and who's responsible.  

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