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Frequently Asked Questions


How does Trustify work?

We connect you with licensed and experienced professionals who can give you peace of mind through investigative services. Trustify is not a Private Investigation agency (we do not employ the investigators, we connect you with the investigators). Your investigator cannot work hours without your approval and we securely handle all billing transactions.

What can your investigators do?

Investigators typically perform either real-time observation or digital research. A real-time observation specialist can help you get photos or other evidence of an action as it is happening (ex: observing an exchange). A digital researcher can help you find records (such as civil or criminal records) or people.

Investigators within our network operate completely within legal means. An investigator in our network will not hack accounts, nor illegally enter a building.

What is the difference between on-location and remote research?

A case is considered “on-location” when it requires an investigator to be physically on site with the subject of interest. This is particularly true when photographs and/or video footage are required. Remote research is done entirely through databases and other online resources, and can be conducted from any state or location. The result of a research case is typically an electronic report.

How long is a typical case?

Each investigation is unique so cases can vary based on a number of variables. Typically research cases can range anywhere from 2-10 hours and surveillance cases can range anywhere from 4-20+ hours.

Will the person I am investigating know I am doing this or will anyone else know I opened up an investigation?

No, no one other than you, your intake agent, account manager and private investigator(s) will know that you did this. Our services are 100% confidential.

For surveillance cases, how do investigators follow people without getting caught?

The most simple answer to this question is having experience in the field. All Private Investigators in our network have at least 5 years of experience and this really is what makes the difference. There are many decisions that have to be made instantly during an investigation and it takes a skilled investigator to be able to anticipate what is going to happen and take the appropriate steps. Regardless of how much experience and skill and investigation has, they are not invisible, and certain circumstances or events can cause them or their vehicle to be noticed. An experienced investigator is aware of this and knows how to pick up on certain signs that they have been made.

How does the Worry-Free Guarantee work?

Before starting your case, your investigator will ensure that they can realistically help you achieve the outcome that you desire. They will schedule time to meet with you, typically over the phone, before starting work. If at that time, you decide not to proceed with the investigation, or the investigator does not feel that your outcome can be realistically obtained, let your investigator and your Account Manager at Trustify know you do not want to proceed. Your account manager will refund your initial pre-approved (paid) hours. We will not refund your order if you approve the investigator to start working.

Your consultation typically takes place within 48 hours of booking your pre-approved hours. The time spent during the consultation does not count toward your pre-approved hours

Where are you located and how many investigators are in your network?

We are based out of Washington DC, however we are currently operating in most states across the country. We have a network of 2,000+ across the country and our network of approved investigators is constantly growing.

Are all investigators in your network licensed?

All investigators performing real-time observation are licensed professionals, unless the state in which they are operating does not have a formal licensing requirement, or if the work performed does not require licensure.

What other qualifications do investigators in your network hold?

The overwhelming majority of the investigators in our network are current, former, or retired military, local law enforcement, or federal agents with extensive backgrounds in conducting surveillance and investigations. All network investigators have extensive experience -- Trustify is not in the business of training new investigators.

Are there additional fees or expenses outside of the hourly rate that I should anticipate?

Some cases require additional database fees in order for the investigator to obtain crucial information regarding your case. The cost of these fees vary and are largely dependent on the type of information that the investigator is searching for. Also, while Trustify offers an extensive network of investigators nationwide, occasionally a surveillance case will require additional travel costs. In the event additional database fees or travel costs are needed, your investigator will alert you to the exact costs and obtain your approval before moving forward.

When can I expect to hear from my investigator and how can I get in touch with the support team, if needed?

Once you have provided all of the information needed to staff your case, an investigator will contact you within 72 business hours. If you do not hear from an investigator or an account manager at Trustify within 72 business hours of requesting your case, please contact the Trustify Customer Support Team at 877-300-9136.

What is a Rush Order and how does it work?

If you need an investigator to start your case immediately, there will be a rush fee in addition to the hourly fee. The rush fee is $199 to have an investigator start your case within 1 business day, $299 for same business day service.

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