Tracking cell phones and hacking into personal devices is illegal - and unethical. While social media and the ease of electronic communication has enabled anyone to share everything about their personal lives, privacy is still afforded to everyone through the privacy laws in the United States.

However, this has also contributed to the rise of suspicion in our daily lives. A simple Google search for “phone hacking” results in a host of ads for software and tips on how to hack personal devices. “Nanny cams” and personal home surveillance systems have protected the once vulnerable, but the act of invading someone’s privacy via a “phone hack” is still illegal.

Resisting the urge to track a cell phone can be difficult, especially because it is more than likely an emotional response to the issue that you're facing. Trust is built over time, but we live in a world where no one has time, where instant gratification is canon.

Violations of the laws relating to cell phone tracking on the federal level could lead to up to 20 years in prison and of course vary state to state. There are also other consequences: the destruction of an existing relationship and the hit on your ethical reputation widens that gap of trust even more. Integrity is key to success in both personal and professional relationships.

If your suspicions go beyond the response to one incident and you feel there is a pattern that needs investigated, the safest thing to do is consult a professional. The team of private investigators in Trustify's network have knowledge of the laws and experience when it comes to conducting investigations.

Investigators in our network know what the legal, ethical course of action would be and are able to objectively look at a situation, taking the emotional element away and avoiding legal liabilities for you. They can offer advice on a course of action or a safer alternative. And, if the situation warrants further investigation, our service connects you with well-vetted, experienced and skilled investigators everywhere.

For more information, click on the “Request Consultation” button in the top right corner. Our licensed, vetted and experienced private investigators include former intelligence and law enforcement professionals who bring a unique and educated point of view to issues like privacy laws.

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