Scammers never cease to find an angle. When Trustify was founded, it was in response to our founders being scammed twice by less-than-ethical private investigators.

Fake private investigators are an issue. Earlier this year, a man in Georgia was busted for impersonating a private investigator after scamming two victims who later teamed up to bring him down. A missing woman in Indiana’s family was approached by another fake private investigator who made up false tips about the potential location of her remains and started a fundraising campaign, stealing $200 that was raised from the public.

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How can you protect yourself from scammers in your hour of need? Well, you can verify that the private investigator is in fact licensed and search for reviews. You can also reach out to Trustify to verify the private investigator as a previous client did.

It all started with a request from one of our clients to find someone – another private investigator. The client had given this investigator a retainer of $1,000, and then the investigator had skipped town with it – no work done, no report given.

After being out $1,000 our new client wasn't able to front yet more cash to chase down what they'd lost. We took this case on pro-bono. We believe private investigators are supposed to help people, not rob them.

Based on the information we received from our client, we researched the individual. We found that he had history of fraud charges – a clear indicator that our client was right. This person was simply scamming people out of money, with no intention of doing the work they were hired to do.

We dug deeper, and discovered that at one point, this fake private investigator held a license that was revoked after numerous complaints and a number of cases in which he bailed immediately after taking a retainer from clients. We also found a slew of other criminal and civil charges against this individual. And, we found his current address.

Working within the law, we walked the client through the process of taking the man that defrauded her to small claims court, and put surveillance on the house of the fake private investigator so we could serve him papers.

We were able to help our client take the fake investigator to court to get her money back. We also helped the client with the initial case that the fake investigator had been hired for – ensuring her the service and peace of mind she deserved.

Danny Boice
Danny Boice

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