Thinking of hiring a private investigator because you suspect that your partner is having an affair? Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to try and validate your suspicions before you decide to hire an investigator.

Private investigators, for better or for worse, are often experts on infidelity. The private investigators in our network suggest that if you suspect infidelity, you should look for the following signs:

  1. Emotional Distance: A growing emotional and physical distance from your partner.
  2. Changes in Routine: Your spouse suddenly leaves for work earlier or arrives home late at night, without explanation.
  3. Declining Invitations: Your spouse no longer wants to accept invitations to social events that the two of you would attend together.
  4. Unexplained Business Trips: Even though your spouse's company has a limited travel budget, or their job has little opportunity for travel, your spouse begins to tell you he has to make frequent out of town business trips.
  5. Avoiding Holidays with the Family: Your spouse suddenly begins making excuses about attending family functions during holiday times.
  6. Spending More Hours at Work: Your spouse is putting in overtime that doesn’t seem to be reflected in their paycheck or work responsibilities.
  7. Unexplained Receipts: You find that your spouse has made bank withdrawals or credit card purchases without any explanation.
  8. Finding Hidden Bills or Letters: You run across evidence of a post office box, or find love letters and greeting cards sent to your spouse by someone who isn’t you.
  9. Changes in Grooming Routine: You notice your spouse is now dressing up and looking their best, even when making a run to the supermarket.
  10. Suspicious or Strange Phone Calls: You repeatedly pick up your phone at home only to have the caller hang up on you. Or, Alternatively, your spouse answers the phone and tells you it's a wrong number, then immediately makes excuses to run an errand.
  11. Less Intimacy and Affection: There's a dramatic change in your sex life, for the worse. Your spouse pulls away from you when you initiate physical contact and becomes less interested in being affectionate or making time for sex.
  12. Becoming Defensive or Evasive: Your spouse gets angry when you question them, even when the questions appear to be valid.

Of course, none of these signs by themselves consititute clear evidence of infidelity. Trustify's network of private investigators are among the most trusted and discreet in the business and can help you get the bottom of your suspicions quickly and easily with an infidelity investigation. Contact us today to learn more about hiring a private investigator to look into infidelity, or to start a case.




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