To do it yourself. Seriously - if you want to find information for free, the best way is to get your hands dirty and find it yourself. That's why we made a guide to let you do just that.  

I'm sure you've tried the free tools - tools that take your information, do some thinking, and spit out a report that, surprise surprise, you have to pay to see. Luckily, there's another way. As a company that connects people with private investigators, we know a thing or two about looking into people’s backgrounds - and we want to share that know-how with you.

We’ve recruited the help of expert private investigators in the Trustify network to compile this guide, including Melanie Daria, Brian Willingham, and Jason Shaw (of Buzzfeed fame!) This is the only real free background check tool around. If you’ve been frustrated with ‘free’ tools, this is for you.

Use this article to:

  • Run your own free online background check (and get way more information than those that just give you information you could have gotten with a quick Google)
  • Find out how to figure out what criminal records someone might have for free
  • Find someone’s address online
  • Find out if someone is married for free by searching online
  • Find out if someone is in jail
  • Find someone’s information by email address
  • Investigate someone’s background online
  • Find birth parents with only a little information (we have plenty of historical and public record resources that you’ll find useful)
  • Find children that have been adopted
  • Or even do a little bit of your own opposition research

If you're stuck after using this guide, we can help. While this guide is exhaustive, there are some things that private investigators can do that you might not be able to. After all, a private investigator does this professionally and has access to specialized databases and records.

With a bit of time and energy, you can run your own real free online background check and find out anything about anyone. Seriously - there’s no gimmicks or fancy loading screens here. This is a real, bonafide guide written with the help of real private investigators, and it will help you find actual, accurate information. It even has links to the databases that licensed private investigators use.

Check it out for yourself - read it right here.

This guide demonstrates the kind of complexities that a good background check has to deal with - and the reason you might want to hire your own private investigator. Private investigators can find far more information far more quickly than an average citizen will, in part because of their training, and in part because they will have access to tools and resources that you will not. 

Please use this guide wisely. Put it this way: don't be a creep. We are not here to facilitate doxxing or any other form of abuse. If you are a victim of an online stalker, we offer the following tips and links to resources that might help you. 

Danny Boice
Danny Boice

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