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We are presently looking for experienced & licensed (where applicable**) investigators to handle a wide range of surveillance and/or investigation cases. Investigators with backgrounds in law enforcement, insurance fraud, workers comp, or any other relevant specialty, are encouraged to apply. To qualify, you must have experience conducting:

  • Investigations
  • Field Surveillance (not including CCTV)

This is not an entry level position, and you must have field surveillance or investigation experience, and hold a current state-issued license** in order to be considered.

**Please note: If you operate in Idaho, Mississippi, South Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming, or if you will only be taking research cases (see below) from us, you are not required to be licensed.

We are also presently looking for experienced investigators/researchers to conduct remote research cases that:

  • Have access to professional databases (i.e. TLO or Accurint)
  • Have experience pulling local and/or state records
  • Are experienced in conducting deep web research, open source intelligence, or financial investigations.

Remote Research involves cases such as online and/or database research for background searches, social media dives, etc, or other remote services such as computer forensics.

The pay is $30 per hour.  You will have the opportunity to work as little or as much as you want. You set the hours as the work arrives, and your income is only limited to the amount you want to make.

All assignments are released on a first come first serve basis, so if you are available and want the work it is yours for the taking.

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